Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First day of 'school' A.K.A. MOPS/Moppettes

Joining and committing to MOPS was a HUGE decision for me, one that I've seem to have avoided for these first 4 years of mothering. Not that I wa against MOPS, because I've only heard what a great thing it is, but because it just has not seemed to be the thing God had for me before this year. Now that I am in a new place, trying to develop new relationships that are meaningful, I feel at peace and very excited that we have embarked on the wonderful journey with friends.

Our first day was a great success. We had a blast getting ready, and got to have our friend Will come over for a few minutes before we left and ride with us to MOPS. The speaker was great, my table is great & one of the moms lives in my neighborhood! Imagine that...God is in control - I seem to forget that. I feel great that I have this opportunity and a husband that supports the boys and I taking on these new adventures!

Caleb was all smiles and excited for our first day of MOPS and Moppettes at our church. He and I dubbed it as going to school, because he really likes the idea of going to school. So, one day every other week, off we'll go to MOPS and Moppettes.

I'm not sure why this little Viking fan doesn't look so happy. He had a great morning and enjoyed his Moppettes class too - Pooped 3 times the workers told me when I picked him up. I've been telling Josiah to go ahead and poop in the nursery, not wait until we get home...Seems as though Josiah does listen and understand what I tell him! Either that, or he thinks I'll come down to change him if he poops - this is what happens when we're at the club, and I think he's gotten the hang of that too! Little smartie pants I tell ya. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008


Caleb reading up on Biblical Ethics with our new friend Macy Wilson!

Josiah, reading up on what things were like for children back in Bible times.

Caleb, working on his 'homework' from Great Gramma Miller.

Josiah, reading his first non-board book, about a tugboat named Scuffy.  For those of you who have read this story to our children before, you know it is no quick read.
Caleb learns Greek with his Dad...OK, we're all learning Greek, it's a catchy song.