Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

What a great Halloween Night! The weather was perfect fall conditions and the boys were ready to go.

Caleb has been asking if it's time to go trick or treating for the past 3 days. He usually wakes up about 6 am to go potty and the first words out of his mouth, while half asleep, is 'time to go trick or treating, mom'. Quite funny, even at 6 am.

The little Itsy Bitsy Spider Man and the cute little Bumble Bee headed off to the neighborhood in their little red wagon. Big tall daddy pulled their chariot, as mom followed along and documented the event.

The neighbors were excited to see our little spidey and bee. Caleb did a great job getting lots of treats and no tricks!

Daddy taught Caleb how to 'sort' his candy! Oh how I remember the days of waiting for it to get dark enough to head out for the loot, then sorting it when we got home! We had a great time together as a family.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Adoption Day, Josiah

It's official...we are the parents of Josiah Timothy Ciccone and he really is Josiah Timothy Ciccone! The last step of our adoption process with Josiah is complete. We were joined today at the Muskegon Courthouse by our friends, Russ & Laurie Carlson, Alicia Vela, Misty Diller, Dave Nagel and Lynn Kamps. It was great to have the support of our friends as the Honorable Gregory Pittman, pronounced that Josiah is all ours - even on paper. Judge Pittman commended Tim and I for our part in adopting our boys and thanked us for being a positive light in his often disappointing courtroom. Tears came to my eyes, as he agreed with our adoption supervisor, Susanne Jordan, from Bethany Christian Services, that we are excellent parents for Josiah and definitely love and care for him the best we can. He also gave us his blessing and prayers as we raise our beautiful children. It really was a meaningful time for us.
All praise and glory goes to our Father in Heaven, Jesus Christ, who has orchestrated the birth and delivery of our children into our home. We cannot take any credit for the ease and simplicity that our children came into our home, only God alone, could have made such a plan come together! Our prayer now is that God will protect these boys and instill in them the plan He has for their lives. Peace and Blessings on this glorious day! - Maria (for all the Ciccones)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ya just gotta laugh

When Caleb was a baby, I was able to make him laugh harder than anyone. Now, Caleb has taken on that role with Josiah and manages pretty well!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Kings of the Castle

Just a little fun the boys were having this afternoon!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Kansas...Are you ready for the Ciccones?

Our Journey is taking us to Kansas. Yes, you heard me right, Kansas!! Some of you might say "Been there, done that", because I've lived in Kansas before...Manhattan, Kansas to be excact.

Well, this time around, we will be in Prairie Village, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City, KS). Tim will be the High School Pastor at Hillcrest Covenant Church.

This is a pretty emotional time for us, as we certainly love the life God has blessed us with in Michigan, but are excited to follow His leading as we head to Kansas.

Our moving time-frame is Thanksgiving weekend, with our last Sunday at Forest Park Covenant Church being November 18.

We desperately covet your prayers as we make this move.