Saturday, May 19, 2012

Some greAt sayings of Josiah...

'mom, I want to be a priester when
I have a job, I want to be something else, but I want to take a break & be a priester & go to Africa to give water to everyone.'
I respond:
'you want to be a what? I didn't hear you' (really I wanted him to expound on this dream job).
'a priester....wait, I mean a pastor, you know, like daddy, then I can go to Africa & bring water bottles to all the people.'
I respond:
'Josiah that's a great idea, son, I'm sure you'll be great at that!'

At first I was scratching my head trying to figure out how he had heard of a Priest!

Tonight, at a graduation party, Josiah was having a great conversation with the farther of the graduate, Lee, & Josiah kept saying, 'guess what?', to which Lee would respond with a guess. Of course, he would never guess what Josiah was going to say next, but just as we were leaving, Lee says, 'Josiah guess what?' so, Josiah guesses & Lee says, 'oh my goodness, how's you guess that? You're amazing!!'
So, on the way home, Josiah pipes up from the back seat, 'mom, can you believe that I knew what Mr Lee was going to say?'
I respond:
'no, Josiah, I can't believe it, you're amazing!!'
Mr Lee made his night I guess!!