Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caleb loves to do right

Caleb has always liked to do what's right & lately it has become apparent that when he makes a poor choice, he is really hard on himself, too hard. Tonight, he & I were having a conversation about a choice he had made that was not right & I was talking the opportunity to remind him that I will always love him, it doesn't matter what he does, or the decisions he makes, I will ALWAYS love him. It was a great conversation!

As I tucked him into bed moments later I rubbed his sweet head & swept back his great curly hair, & he looked at me with tearful eyes, and said 'Mom, do you think there's a book out there that would tell me how to be a better boy?' I said, yes, I'm sure there is a book out there about that, why? He said, 'Do you think I could ask for that for my birthday?'.

I don't think they make them any more sweet or honest than our Caleb. He's a gem!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Samantha is 11 Months

Happy Girl, enjoying her Tooth, weighing 24 pounds & crawling her way to the desires of her heart daily...
She is a happy girl.


Easter is easily a favorite time for me & I truly enjoy the celebration & hope that comes with celebrating the risen Lord! Our Easter weeks have a special flow to them, filled with a lot of the same activities, but sprinkled with some sweet, special times of remembering, hoping & dreaming. Reflecting, pondering & planning. There is something about Easter that makes me want to be a better mom, wife, friend, Christian. I love sharing the joy of Christ with others, but something about remembering the fact the Christ died for all of us & raised from the dead, makes me want to share that hope with those around me. I don't want anyone to miss out. This Easter we sang a song at our service 'He Lives'. What joy this brought me as I remembered the countless ties i sang that song a s little girl, growing u[p. Our song leader was a Grandfatherly type who always had a sweet place for me. He loved Jesus and wanted to be sure that I knew that Jesus loved me too. When this song was on the list to be sung on a Sunday morning, he would belt out that chorus 'He Live, He Lives, Christ Jesus Lives today'... What a great Christian heritage i have, not only from my own parents, but also from the church family who helped shape who i am today. Tim & i pray that our children grow up knowing they too have a great church family surrounding them & caring for their spiritual upbringing as well.
We celebrated at church Saturday night with a glorious Easter celebration service - what a great up beat time, rejoicing at what God has accomplished. All 3 kids were able to sit well through the service & we snapped a couple family photos post service.
Easter Sunday morning, Caleb & Tim, had a time slot in the prayer room from 6-7. Caleb was very excited to be able to go with dad early in the morning to pray/ what a sweet place our church has provided for 24/7 prayer. Truly a special place to spend time with God. I feel like it's our inner temple, maybe like what the Jewish people had in Bible times.
Tim had church services to greet at the rest of the morning. So, the kids Z& I readied the house for our dinner guest at 1 o'clock. sweet little workers they are!