Friday, January 25, 2008

Haircut...The Mullet is Gone

We squeezed in Josiah's first haircut in between Tim and I's trip to Colorado with our High School students and our Covenant Youth Workers Connection in Chicago this weekend (Tim was home for 2 days and Maria home for 4). Anyways, not knowing the Kansas City are all that well and not knowing a hairstylist in our church or anything, we took Josiah to the local beauty school! Yes, that was My choice...$5.00, can't beat that. Tim laughed when we were on the way and I told him where we were going.

There was a team of stylists by the time we were done, holding Josiah, cutting his hair, trying to get his attention, etc...It was quite comical.
Josiah did sit very still at the beginning and they were all very impressed. Of course, they all thought he was adorable.

Josiah was a very happy customer and quite satisfied. He is now officially a little boy! No more baby locks.

Now, let the running begin!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kansas in January

So....I love being outside & believe that God has blessed us with a few 60 degree days in December in January to encourage me and lift my spirits!

The boys and I were able to get out and walk to our little park just .5 miles from the house, yesterday.

had a great time swinging, playing king
of the castle and making a few new friends - girls! It was great.

Josiah enjoyed crawling in the dirt and woodchips, not eating very many!