Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Quotables...

Josiah & Daddy:
As we are leaving Lifetime Fitness the other day, a car in front of us does not follow the signs that say 'Do Not Stop', as you are leaving the road out of the parking lot - it's like most mall entrances - one direction of traffic always has the right of way.  The conversation went like this:

Daddy:  Come on Lady, you don't have to stop, keep movin'
Josiah:  Dad, why is that Lady always in front of us?
We are both silent for a moment...
Mommy:  Yah, DAD...why IS that LADY always in front of you.
Daddy:  Laughing Oh, Son, I'm not sure!

The rest of the drive home was filled with laughing and realizing just how many times Josiah must hear Tim say those same words on any given drive.  Josiah's ears are sharp!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Sweet Josiah

Josiah had me (and Caleb) in stitches the other night.  I can't remember the identical conversation, nor would it be nearly as funny in print, but I am contemplating setting up a video camera to record his in-depth, mature, conversation skills.

Josiah's swimming skills continue to amaze and frighten us.  He now swims the length of the pool with ease & he is very in control & confident in the pool.  Time for swimming & diving lessons!!

 Josiah's mannerisms, body language and hand gestures remind me of myself in many ways & it's really funny to see them mimicked in a 3 (almost 4) year old.

Josiah found great joy in the singing 'cowboy' Santa lately - I'm happy to report it is now packed away until next year, but we enjoyed the singing and dancing from our Josiah.

I captured Josiah in his Sunday School class a few weeks ago - they were a wiggly little group!  
Cute none the less, as with all stages, I wish I could bottle up 3 years old.

We are happy to be back at Lifetime Fitness & getting fit & doing lots of swimming!!  Thanks, Dad!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Quotes of the Day

Josiah - "Mom, want to come see my big Poop?"
Maria - "No thanks, Buddy - I'm good."
Josiah - "But Mom, you like to see my Poop!"
Maria - laughing "Alright, you got me...let me see the poop".  wiping his buttocks "Wow, that's a big one, Josiah, is that all you have, just one big log?"
Josiah - exasperated sigh "No, Mom, there was another little one, but it's hiding behind the big one."
Maria - "Great, Josiah.  Ba Bye, Poop" flushing

Maria - "Caleb, how was your 1st day back to school?"
Caleb - "Great, everyone had new shoes!"
Maria - chuckling "That's cool, must be a great Christmas gift for Kindergartners."
Caleb - "The new boy from Africa is named Isaac."
Maria - "Cool, did you talk to him?"
Caleb - "Yah, we played monsters together."
Maria - "That's awesome, way to go, buddy!"
I'm very proud of Caleb that he played with and helped make the new boy feel welcome - Way to go, dude!