Monday, January 3, 2011

Quotes of the Day

Josiah - "Mom, want to come see my big Poop?"
Maria - "No thanks, Buddy - I'm good."
Josiah - "But Mom, you like to see my Poop!"
Maria - laughing "Alright, you got me...let me see the poop".  wiping his buttocks "Wow, that's a big one, Josiah, is that all you have, just one big log?"
Josiah - exasperated sigh "No, Mom, there was another little one, but it's hiding behind the big one."
Maria - "Great, Josiah.  Ba Bye, Poop" flushing

Maria - "Caleb, how was your 1st day back to school?"
Caleb - "Great, everyone had new shoes!"
Maria - chuckling "That's cool, must be a great Christmas gift for Kindergartners."
Caleb - "The new boy from Africa is named Isaac."
Maria - "Cool, did you talk to him?"
Caleb - "Yah, we played monsters together."
Maria - "That's awesome, way to go, buddy!"
I'm very proud of Caleb that he played with and helped make the new boy feel welcome - Way to go, dude!


Joan Anne said...

I can't help it but laugh out loud while reading your conversation with Josiah.

You're so lucky to have a wonderful and smart kids.

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Txsugarbaby said...

It's very clear that you are a wonderful mother just from your conversations with your son. You are blessed, but then you probably know that with all the sunshine he brings into your life!