Monday, January 17, 2011


Sweet Josiah

Josiah had me (and Caleb) in stitches the other night.  I can't remember the identical conversation, nor would it be nearly as funny in print, but I am contemplating setting up a video camera to record his in-depth, mature, conversation skills.

Josiah's swimming skills continue to amaze and frighten us.  He now swims the length of the pool with ease & he is very in control & confident in the pool.  Time for swimming & diving lessons!!

 Josiah's mannerisms, body language and hand gestures remind me of myself in many ways & it's really funny to see them mimicked in a 3 (almost 4) year old.

Josiah found great joy in the singing 'cowboy' Santa lately - I'm happy to report it is now packed away until next year, but we enjoyed the singing and dancing from our Josiah.

I captured Josiah in his Sunday School class a few weeks ago - they were a wiggly little group!  
Cute none the less, as with all stages, I wish I could bottle up 3 years old.

We are happy to be back at Lifetime Fitness & getting fit & doing lots of swimming!!  Thanks, Dad!!

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