Monday, September 13, 2010

Where do you put things for safe keeping????

Tim told me to 'write this down', and my blog seems to be the best place to do so.  

Silly bands have entered our world & both boys are excited about them, to say the least.  Caleb bought them with some birthday money we found the other day & he has been generously sharing with his brother...This is a good thing!

this is a picture of the 'mystery' shape silly band
The other night, I told them both to take them off before bed - they just look too tight & I didn't want their hands to fall off over night.  So, they did & went to bed.

In the morning, circa 6:45, our Caleb gets up happy as usual and wonders to the bathroom to go potty and get in his shower.  As he's getting to the toilet, he reaches in the front of his underpants & pulls out a hand full of....Silly Bands!!!

So, I says to the boy, I says...Caleb...what, how, why are there silly bands in your underpants?  He smiles cleverly and replies, Mom, I just didn't want to lose them.  Good idea, son.  Now, give them to me & get in the shower!  Ok, Mom.

His first purchase of silly bands
Immediately, I run downstairs to tell Tim about the hilarity that just took place.  He too busted a gut laughing and admiring the cleverness of our 6 year old!  Gotta love that kid.