Monday, December 8, 2008

Fall has left...but here are a few events

Josiah and I played in the leaves, while Caleb was finishing his nap one day. It is not often that we get time to play without big brother. It was fun & I always enjoy those moments with my baby!

We spent some time on Mom and Dad Darsie's lake in MN, and loved every minute.

Baby Clark Steven Ciccone entered the world - September 1, 2008 in MN. Sweet baby boy and wonderful cousin.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

While you were out, with your designers, Carley & Maria

So, my friend, Carley,
drove from Michigan to Kansas, with her 2 kids, Claudia (4) and Jacob (2), and she stayed with me for the week, while Tim was out of town and her husband, Ed was out of town.
We had a blast with the kids...

and tacked a much needed/desired project!

Our Master Bedroom
We picked 'spa' like colors, which was really the only direction I had for the room.

We arranged a few minor pieces of furniture...

Painted a few walls...

And Carley's greatest suggestion - We spray painted all my polished brass hardware - Matte Black! I love it ~

Wish I would have taken before pictures, but imagine nothing on the walls and no color. Carley helped me decide on the color (s) and group all the wall hangings! She's a great decorator.

Thanks for being persistent, Carley - I could not have done it without you.

Tim's response response was fabulous! He always loves it when I tackle projects while he is away.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat - ciccone style

Tim always remembers 'sorting' his candy after the great loot collect, so he has made it a point to sort candy with the boys after our trick or treating run.  It's cute.  Josiah doesn't see the need to take off the wrappers.

Caleb drew the face on the pumpkin and daddy carved it out for him.  It is even had 'legs', as he called them.

The finished Jack O' Lantern, complete with our silly mugs!

Super Scooby!!!  Thanks, Erin for the borrowed costume.

Oh my goodness...I have not seen a cuter Super Scooby or Astronaut in my lifetime, and I don't remember Halloween being any more fun than this.

I had dressed up for work, so I put on Caleb's helmet, and continued the fun with the boys, as Mrs. Vikings Fan #1!  
Tim was Dad #1!
 Everybody is ready to go...Trick or Treat!

  Josiah was so cute, as he waddled up to the coor, tail wagin and all, what a cute little puppy. 

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Josiah is 19 months old

Good Morning...I hope this finds you well, on a great October morning. It's hard to believe it's October and Josiah is 19 months old already. He is growing, and getting bigger by the day. It's fun to hear him articulate new words each day and make his way in his world.

Josiah loves to read books, follow his brother's lead in any activity, and watch for puppies. I can just about guarantee that one of his first 5 words of the day will be puppy. The boy loves to watch for puppies out the window, and can spot one a mile away if we're out and about. His vocabulary is growing every day, but mostly he says mommy, daddy, puppy, milk, hat, book, ball (and any sport that has the word ball in it), truck, car, the list goes on I'm sure, but those are the most spoken on a daily basis.

He loves to play sports and is pretty cute in his football stance and the way he taps the ball before he throws it - he certainly is watching his big brother, daddy...and the NFL a bit.

We got the chance to go to the zoo this summer and Josiah loved seeing all the animals. He is very observant and expressive, so when we saw the animals up close and personal, he recognized them from his books and got very excited about seeing them 'live'.

Swimming has remained a favorite activity for Josiah, and he continues to develop his swimming skills. Just the other day he pushed away from me, while we were in the deep water and wanted to swim/float on his own. He is able to move his arms and legs enough to keep his head above water, and when he puts his face in the water, he kicks and moves himself forward a bit. It's very impressive for 19 months. He loves jumping in the water and going under. I joked with the doctor at his last visit, that he would rather be under water all the time, if that were possible.

We often get comments from people about Josiah's great personality and expressive behavior. He has some great faces and is very energetic. People just enjoy being around him. He still loves to cuddle and when he gets sleepy, he'll just rest his little head on our shoulder for a minute, then he's seemingly recharged and ready to go, as he leaps out of our arms and runs off to play.

Josiah is a genuinely happy little boy, enjoying life and ready for any new adventure. His outgoing spirit and dare devil instincts have earned him a few bumps, scrapes and bruises, but not many tears. He is a tough little guy, and when you would expect him to be upset about his fall, he'll just stand up, rub the hurt and go on with life. It's a great attitude that hopefully he will carry with him through life.

We love our boy and he is a joy to watch grow in character and stature.

Blessings on your day & Fall,

Tim & Maria (for Josiah too) & Caleb

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First day of 'school' A.K.A. MOPS/Moppettes

Joining and committing to MOPS was a HUGE decision for me, one that I've seem to have avoided for these first 4 years of mothering. Not that I wa against MOPS, because I've only heard what a great thing it is, but because it just has not seemed to be the thing God had for me before this year. Now that I am in a new place, trying to develop new relationships that are meaningful, I feel at peace and very excited that we have embarked on the wonderful journey with friends.

Our first day was a great success. We had a blast getting ready, and got to have our friend Will come over for a few minutes before we left and ride with us to MOPS. The speaker was great, my table is great & one of the moms lives in my neighborhood! Imagine that...God is in control - I seem to forget that. I feel great that I have this opportunity and a husband that supports the boys and I taking on these new adventures!

Caleb was all smiles and excited for our first day of MOPS and Moppettes at our church. He and I dubbed it as going to school, because he really likes the idea of going to school. So, one day every other week, off we'll go to MOPS and Moppettes.

I'm not sure why this little Viking fan doesn't look so happy. He had a great morning and enjoyed his Moppettes class too - Pooped 3 times the workers told me when I picked him up. I've been telling Josiah to go ahead and poop in the nursery, not wait until we get home...Seems as though Josiah does listen and understand what I tell him! Either that, or he thinks I'll come down to change him if he poops - this is what happens when we're at the club, and I think he's gotten the hang of that too! Little smartie pants I tell ya. :)