Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby Girl Ciccone

Hello, world!!! The Ciccone family is growing again...we are superbly excited to announce that our Baby GIRL!!! Is due to be born May 12, 2011! Stay tuned for late breaking news & updates as we have them. We NEED your continued prayers through this process. So, thank you in advance! Love you all.

This is not a picture of our baby girl, but this is a picture of how old she is & how developed she is this week.

We can't wait to meet her!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I felt like I was talking to God - in loose terms

Funny story today...
After meeting Tim & Josiah @ Chick Fil A, to drop off Caleb & then head back to work, I headed out of the parking lot to the light, waiting in a line of about 10-15 cars to make a left turn at the light.  So, I waited patiently, as all the other lights changed & the cars continued to line up behind me, until there were at least 50 plus cars all waiting on this light.  Finally, after being patient for 4 minutes, I decided it was time to take action!

Some of you might think I jumped out of the truck, ran up to the stoplight & fixed it!  Nope, not today.  I went to my maps app on my handy dandy iPhone & searched for...'Traffic', hoping to find the phone number for the man behind the curtain who operates the traffic lights in our city.

I was amazed that it pulled up the location & phone number for the City's Traffic Control Division!  So, I called....AND somebody answered!  Whoa!!!  She was super kind, listened to my calm description of where I was & what was happening.  She transferred me to the correct person, who also listened to where I was & what was happening, she asked a few questions about what was happening.  Then she says 'oh, yes, I see the long line of traffic & it looks like your light is being 'skipped''.

At this point, I am feeling amazed that I actually was able to find the right place to call, got to speak to someone & now she was 'looking' at me & the situation.  AMAZING!!  So, she says that she will be sending out a tech to repair the problem.  I said, 'Great, will that take a while, should I turn around & get out of this line, or will this be an instantaneous fix?'  As she is responding, the light turns green, we get a green arrow & I tell the lady on the phone, 'Hey, It's green, it's working...Did you do this, or did it just fix itself, sorry to bother you'.  She responds 'I just did that' - I then start, mildly, freaking out on the phone to her and telling her she's amazing & all these people that are now on their happy way, are thankful!

Instantly I felt like the hero of all those people & was laughing at the fact that they, of course, should all be thanking me for being brilliant & looking out for them.  They just went on their merry way, without so much as a smile!  AT LEAST nobody honked at me.

I feel a sermon illustration coming on about the many things that God does every day in our lives and in the lives of all people, that no one notices or realizes that God is in control.

That's my story of the day!

What you got?