Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kindergarten, Here He Comes...

There's no doubt that Caleb was excited for his 1st day of school, when he came running into our room just before 7 AM.  He was so excited to jump in the shower & get the routine started.  He had requested pancakes for breakfast & had one giant pancake - plate size!  He didn't quite finish it, however, and told Tim that he left a bit on his plate because he didn't want to have a fat tummy for Kindergarten.  :)

The cutesie bulletin board - Dr. Seus & Mickey Mouse, very Kindergarten.  The students' artwork will be displayed here throughout the year.
He found his desk (which he had chosen during PT conference on Monday) & began to soak it all in.
The cubby, of course!

I drug Tim out of the room, well, at least I was the one to say...Let's go!  Caleb was comfortable & happy, which made me excited to leave him & hear about his day later.

So, off I went to work & Tim/Josiah off to church for some work.

We met back @ home to get to school promptly before 11:05 pickup time & waited anxiously for our big Caleb to come bouncing out the entryway doors.

In true Caleb style, he did not disappoint & came grinning from ear to ear out those doors & went sprinting to his dad & Josiah...I was across the parking lot, but got a running hug as well.

It was a fabulous day & Caleb gave it a for sure to go back again!  This is the beginning of a bright school year for this young lad.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lake Quivira 2010

Here are the boys, swimming off the dock @ Lake Quivira.  We had a great night swimming with our high school students @ the Lake!
Caleb swam out to the raft, by himself...

And here he goes, jumping off to swim back in...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot off the Presses....In Transit by Tim Ciccone

We all went down to Nazarene Publishing House, home of Barefoot Ministries, for the printing of Tim's book.

This is one of the artists & he let the boys draw on his MAC drawing pad.

The tour was like being in our very own Mr. Rogers episode.  We got to see all the steps of how they publish books & this was the day it was Tim's book!
We are so proud of our Timmy!  Nice work, babe - you've worked very hard & this is very exciting.