Friday, August 31, 2007

Josiah is 6 months old already...

Oh my, Josiah is half way through his first year already. What a handsome, huggable little man God has blessed us with. He weighed in at 20.5 pounds - my back hurts just saying that. His photo shoot at Sears was great & he was a great smiler.
Just a few of the many shots they took...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Playing with the Diller Kiddos...

What fun it is to go to our friends, the Dillers, house and play with them and all their toys.

Here Big Caleb reads a story to all the kids
(Baby Caleb, Luke and Lilly). We love our friends and Caleb is always excited to get together with the kids to play.

And then we have the cute, adorable, Josiah...what else is there to say? I just have to take out the camera and he is smilin' away!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Chicago Adventure

All Aboard....

mommy, caleb and josiah, boarded the train in Michigan City and headed to Chicago for an overnight trip to see gramma pam and the sites of chitown.

Our train stopped at Millenium Park in Chicago
and we all got to cool off in the fountain.

Got to see the huge Blob, also in Millenium Park...
can you find us in the reflection?

Waiting for gramma pam to come in on her train from minneapolis - Amtrak. Security is pretty loose, so here we are, right out on the track - well the platform anyway.

Spent the night at our friend, Ernie's house by North Park University...

Bought a new stroller the next day...long story!

Arrived home safely and with a new appreciation for our car, home and daddy! What a great we'll repeat again, I'm sure!

Home Improvement Time

So, here we are...working on some electrical in the kitchen. I am usually the handy woman around the house, really enjoying tackling the craziness of our 1955 home wiring, etc...On this day, though, Tim had to come to my assistance - actually this looks like I was assisting!

Later the next day, I finally got 'er figured out - gotta love the crazy electricians from the 1950's.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Michigan Summer - the best!

Relaxing in the shade of the umbrella with the sleeping Josiah.

Gotta love the Bumbo seat.

Bathing beauty, just enjoying the rolling waves.

This is our "laurey", A.K.A. Laurey Kiehne, nanny who beats all nanny's!

Welcome home, Daddy! How was your day?

For those of you who have never visited this great land - you really are invited to come and enjoy the Ciccone Bed and Breakfast, as well as partake of our squeeky sand beaches.

If you've already visited us, please come back again - we enjoy the excuse of company
to take a day off and hit the beach.

See you soon then, right?

Andy & Sarah Wood Wedding 08/03/07

This was Tim's 7th, and final, wedding of the summer. Caleb was asked to be the ring bearer and in this photo had told the flower girl, age 7, to hold his muscle.

It was a truly wonderful day & both Caleb and Daddy did a great job
in their respective parts.

After the reception, downtown Muskegon, the 2 boys rolled up their sleeves and headed home - what a day!

A truly cool dude, on a totally sweet day - just headin' to the 'party' after the wedding!