Saturday, February 22, 2014

30 days...

We have put on our notice to have the twins moved and because of the length of time they have been with our family. The agency has 30 days (instead of 2 weeks) to find an appropriate place for them,  this decision comes after many attempts and over a year and a half of waiting,praying and hoping for their bio family to do what is necessary to have them.  We are weary from the lack of encouragement and support we have felt and most recently the unsubstantiated accusations of unknowing and graceless strangers.

We pray too that these boys will be protected and loved for all of their days.


She is simply getting grown up!!

Josiah in a snow globe

Of course you would, that's my boy!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Craigslist 1st...

In this time of transition and emotions all over the place, God sent me a sweet note through a stranger via craigslist...

I love the bean bag...I wish I had room for it. But I just wanted to tell you--you have a beautiful family! So much love in that picture!! May you be blessed in all you do!
:)Sarah Canaday

Wow, that was the nicest response from craigslist I've ever received! You are so thoughtful,

Hi Maria,
We all need some positivity and encouragement. I was literally brought to tears by the joy in that picture. I think it's important as women to reach out to one another. It seems like we all go through life pretending we don't need our "village"--I've learned to be open to new friendships, or even just the opportunity to encourage a stranger :)

This is the picture she was referring to...