Monday, August 4, 2014

The joys keep coming

Just when I think God couldn't surprise me with anything else, something pops up.  The 1st few days of walking the boys to school, I noticed that 1/2 way there, we got to walk by some fabulously fragrant lilac bushes.  Those flowers bring memories of Tim and I's 1st date, walking around my childhood neighborhood.  I smile and just thank God for a small, but meaningful reminder to me that He cares about the little things.

The 1st week in our new home, our neighbor mowed our parkway grass for us & invited us to the monthly block party with the neighbors.  God knows I desire community and relationships with those around me, and he has put some great, divers people right around me.  What a great welcome and feeling.

I just love how God has used each place we've loved and person we've loved to prepare us for the 'task' at hand.  I am not sure yet what my 'task' for the Kingdom is here, in Chicago, but I am enjoying the process of learning and waiting on Him for His guidance.

Here's to enjoying the adventures and cherishing the chaos!