Saturday, March 15, 2014

Goodbye my big boys!

Since we moved the twins to their Grannies house, many people ask if I'm ok.  To this I respond with these imperfect words...

They screamed and cried for me, 'mommy', it was as heart wrenching as you would imagine it being.  God is giving me many great reminders of His faithfulness through this adventure.  Their Granny doesn't want me to see them because they get so upset when I leave.  That is hard for me too, because it makes me feel like she doesn't appreciate what I've done for the boys and she doesn't like me.  And yes, I'm OK.  My hope is in The Lord, not on earthly things & I know He has and will be my comfort and guide throughout my life of following Him.  Thank you for your prayers, that is truly the best support.

My prayer for the twins has turned to the next Godly person that will enter their life and lead them into a relationship with Him.  There seems to not be a Godly presence in their immediate family, but God can send someone, I pray earnestly that He will.