Monday, March 23, 2009

My Birthday Week

My birthday began with breakfast in bed, prepared by my lovely sister, delivered by my sister and our 5 children, along with a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday Maria/Mommy! Then they all left me alone - in peace and silence to enjoy my delicious breakfast. Wonderful!!

Next it was off to Dr. Johnson's for an adjustment. The boys and I had our monthly visit, and Gramma Pam and Grampa Rod got to see first hand the miracle of how the boys jumped right up on the table and lay face down 'assuming the position'. :)

From there, My parents, the boys and I headed out to the Arboretum/Botanical Gardens just south of us about 15 minutes. I had heard this place was awesome & huge, so we went to check it out. The day was beautiful, so we all enjoyed being outside and walking the paths, looking for animals, and plants. Caleb especially liked reading the signs about the animals and plants. We could have spent a few days there, but opted for a few hours and a few miles of walking instead. We'll be back, for sure!
From there it was home for lunch and naps, then mom and dad stayed home with my boys while I went out with some girlfriends (regrettably we forgot to take pictures).

The next day, Tim came home from his week long TN trip, and Caleb & Gramma Pam made me a birthday cake, so we sang and ate cake again! Like I's my birthday week. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's my Birthday Month

Party Time!!!!!

I'm n
ot sure when it began, but sometime ago, my sister and I started celebrating our birthday month...probably because we don't usually get to actually celebrate our birthdays on the actual day we were born, but rather sometime around there, could be February, March, April...ya never know, sometimes Easter jumps in there and it's us and Jesus raising from the dead all in one celebration. Do we have egg flavored cake then? Ish!!

Anyways, March 1st kicked off my birthday month & I couldn't have been sicker, so today, I texted my dear sister a happy birthday month message - I was feeling much better and felt more in the partying mood. So, we're off & I'm so excited to see what this month has in store.

My sister is so organized, when she had her first child, My sweet Jeffrey (now almost 10 years old), she spaced his birthday just perfectly in line with ours. So, Lori comes first, having her birthday March 13th, then Me on the 19th and Jeffrey finishes off the month of March on the 25th...way to go big sista, we'
re all 6 days apart - nice job!