Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet thoughts from Caleb

We (Caleb, Josiah & I) were driving down the road today & we saw a little car...Here is the conversation that followed: 

Caleb: Mom, What kind of car is that? 
Me: A Smart car. 
C: No, What KIND of car is that.
Me: A Smart car.
C: No, it has to have a name like a Windstar or Explorer (he pays attention to the cars we've had, I guess). 

Me: It's a Smart car. That's just what it's called. Sure is small, isn't it. Do you think we could fit in there? 
C: Well, I definitely think we could fit in there, but Big Tall Laurie sure would have a tough time. She'd have to duck down really far. 
Me: You are right, Caleb. It would be more difficult for her, wouldn't it? 
C: Yah, I don't think she'd like that.
: You miss Big Tall Laurie?
C: I do. :)
And we were on to the next topic.

Big Tall Laurie is a sweet friend of Caleb who lives in Michigan & has clearly made a lasting impression on his life.  She is a great friend and was such a great support to us when we lived there until Caleb was 3 years old.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Dayz!! Even in KS or is it Only in KS

Grampa Rod & the boys built a snowman this past weekend - before our latest snowstorm

Josiah is a super shoveled

Sledding at a friend's house
So, growing up in Minnesota, we dreamed, prayed & hoped for a snow day & day off from school.  I honestly, don't remember ever getting one, but I do remember a couple days we were sent home early, but it was some amazing heavy snow that was coming down at a rapid pace.

Caleb is about ready to shovel the driveway by himself!  He likes it.
Caleb sledding
This week's snowdump
Keeping this in mind, you can understand my surprise for Caleb to have had 4 snow days already, his 1st year of school.  I'm not complaining, because I love having him home, but none the less, when we wake up in the morning & there is no snow on the ground, but school has been cancelled he night before!

The boys grabbed ski poles to walk through the snow
after over 2 hours of shoveling & playing, the driveway was cleared & the boys were snowcovered.
I completely understand why they do such things, here in the 'south', but it is still cause for chuckle in our house.  So, we shovel with joy & enjoy the excitement of snowy road driving.  It's a great time to go to the grocery store, Costco, Lifetime Fitness...run errands for friends who grew up in the 'south'.  Today was a fun day just like that!  I laughed as we were shoveling the driveway & Tim is snowed in @ the Hyatt in Chicago.  Convenient!  However, this is the 4th snowfall of this season & he has been around for the others.  I actually let him do the shoveling for one of those.

Shoveling is a favorite pasttime, but today, I was wishing for my snowblower.  I Love Snow!!!