Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sweet thoughts from Caleb

We (Caleb, Josiah & I) were driving down the road today & we saw a little car...Here is the conversation that followed: 

Caleb: Mom, What kind of car is that? 
Me: A Smart car. 
C: No, What KIND of car is that.
Me: A Smart car.
C: No, it has to have a name like a Windstar or Explorer (he pays attention to the cars we've had, I guess). 

Me: It's a Smart car. That's just what it's called. Sure is small, isn't it. Do you think we could fit in there? 
C: Well, I definitely think we could fit in there, but Big Tall Laurie sure would have a tough time. She'd have to duck down really far. 
Me: You are right, Caleb. It would be more difficult for her, wouldn't it? 
C: Yah, I don't think she'd like that.
: You miss Big Tall Laurie?
C: I do. :)
And we were on to the next topic.

Big Tall Laurie is a sweet friend of Caleb who lives in Michigan & has clearly made a lasting impression on his life.  She is a great friend and was such a great support to us when we lived there until Caleb was 3 years old.


BT Laurie said...

Dear Maria,
Thanks for posting this! What a bright spot in my day! I enjoyed seeing the photos too! Can't believe Caleb is 6 years old already. I sure hope we can see you guys this summer --- either here in MI or in KC.

Asim Shahzad said...

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