Sunday, August 5, 2007

Michigan Summer - the best!

Relaxing in the shade of the umbrella with the sleeping Josiah.

Gotta love the Bumbo seat.

Bathing beauty, just enjoying the rolling waves.

This is our "laurey", A.K.A. Laurey Kiehne, nanny who beats all nanny's!

Welcome home, Daddy! How was your day?

For those of you who have never visited this great land - you really are invited to come and enjoy the Ciccone Bed and Breakfast, as well as partake of our squeeky sand beaches.

If you've already visited us, please come back again - we enjoy the excuse of company
to take a day off and hit the beach.

See you soon then, right?


Bethany Carlson said...

awww, cute pictures, Maria the Great.

misty diller said...

very sweet!

Fields Favorites said...

CUTE pics. Yeah, you GOTTA love the Bumbo, right? Ours is Mary's beach chair too...although now she won't sit still anymore...

Rachel said...

You've done a GREAT job on your blog Maria! I love all the new stuff you added- it all looks great! Oh yeah, cute pics too. :)