Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kindergarten, Here He Comes...

There's no doubt that Caleb was excited for his 1st day of school, when he came running into our room just before 7 AM.  He was so excited to jump in the shower & get the routine started.  He had requested pancakes for breakfast & had one giant pancake - plate size!  He didn't quite finish it, however, and told Tim that he left a bit on his plate because he didn't want to have a fat tummy for Kindergarten.  :)

The cutesie bulletin board - Dr. Seus & Mickey Mouse, very Kindergarten.  The students' artwork will be displayed here throughout the year.
He found his desk (which he had chosen during PT conference on Monday) & began to soak it all in.
The cubby, of course!

I drug Tim out of the room, well, at least I was the one to say...Let's go!  Caleb was comfortable & happy, which made me excited to leave him & hear about his day later.

So, off I went to work & Tim/Josiah off to church for some work.

We met back @ home to get to school promptly before 11:05 pickup time & waited anxiously for our big Caleb to come bouncing out the entryway doors.

In true Caleb style, he did not disappoint & came grinning from ear to ear out those doors & went sprinting to his dad & Josiah...I was across the parking lot, but got a running hug as well.

It was a fabulous day & Caleb gave it a for sure to go back again!  This is the beginning of a bright school year for this young lad.

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BT Laurie said...

Wow Caleb - you sure had a lot of energy at the end of your first day of school - to come RUNNING out the door! Your desk looks real neat and I like your cubby!
What is your teacher's name?
School starts tomorrow (Tuesday) for the kids around here in MI. I took Bayley for a walk down to the nearby elementary school today and let her run around.
Here's a big hug and high five for you bud! 0 *