Thursday, November 6, 2008

While you were out, with your designers, Carley & Maria

So, my friend, Carley,
drove from Michigan to Kansas, with her 2 kids, Claudia (4) and Jacob (2), and she stayed with me for the week, while Tim was out of town and her husband, Ed was out of town.
We had a blast with the kids...

and tacked a much needed/desired project!

Our Master Bedroom
We picked 'spa' like colors, which was really the only direction I had for the room.

We arranged a few minor pieces of furniture...

Painted a few walls...

And Carley's greatest suggestion - We spray painted all my polished brass hardware - Matte Black! I love it ~

Wish I would have taken before pictures, but imagine nothing on the walls and no color. Carley helped me decide on the color (s) and group all the wall hangings! She's a great decorator.

Thanks for being persistent, Carley - I could not have done it without you.

Tim's response response was fabulous! He always loves it when I tackle projects while he is away.


alicia said...

here's what I love about this. ... I live in the same place with you guys, see you pretty frequently right?? I ended up seeing your room for the first time on your blog. Hilarious!!!

Looks great though! Can't wait to see it in person probably on Wednesday! Love you!

Russ said...

Nice work Maria (and Carley)! I missed out on this painting project (boo-hoo). The last time I painted with you was Josiah's room before he arrived!

Laurie C.

Crystal said...

Loooks great you two, What fun!!! Best friends are so special : ) Happy Thanksgiving to the Ciccone Family~