Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kansas in January

So....I love being outside & believe that God has blessed us with a few 60 degree days in December in January to encourage me and lift my spirits!

The boys and I were able to get out and walk to our little park just .5 miles from the house, yesterday.

had a great time swinging, playing king
of the castle and making a few new friends - girls! It was great.

Josiah enjoyed crawling in the dirt and woodchips, not eating very many!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maria -

Hey - it's warm here in Muskegon, too! 55 degrees as I write. We've had rain, and the snow is now completely gone. Personally, I'd rather have the nice, clean snow to play in than this muddy, sloppy stuff! Enjoy your "heatwave".

:) Lisa R.

Rachel said...

Cute swinging pics... can't imagine doing that in MN right now! Loved your Christmas pics too. It inspired me to cut a Christmas tree one of these years...

Charity said...

Glad to hear everything is going great.

It sure was nice to have some warm weather but now it is sooo cold.

misty diller said...

great pics! we miss you guys! are you going to mid-winter? hopefully, we'll see you :)