Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas in Kansas

Our first Christmas in Kansas & we went out to hunt and chop down our Christmas tree - one of our few traditions in the Ciccone household. When low and behold we brought home a Christmas tree from the tree farm that was shipped there from Michigan! What are the odds?
Here we are: Tim, Caleb, Maria, Laurey Kiehne (our nanny) and Josiah

's highlight of the trip was the Big horse
and Little horse he befriended. Much to Caleb's dismay we kept him on our side of the fence. Caleb was convinced that he could and should go into the field with the horses. He did not learn this from his mom, that's for sure! It felt really good to do something ordinary to kick off our Christmas celebrating.

The boys at our Church's spontaneous Christmas Pageant.

Daddy and Caleb showing off their new
Rattoos according to Caleb! Thanks Lisa...

Josiah showing us his 4 teeth.

Josiah and Gramma Darsie at Gramma Pam's

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Rachel said...

That is a funny tree story- what a coincidence. I guess its Michigan's way of saying they miss you. We miss you here in MN too by the way. :)