Monday, December 3, 2007

Here we Kansas

Many of you have been waiting to see exactly "where" we are living in Kansas. Well, our address is 7942 Reinhardt Lane, Prairie Village, Kansas 66208, but more importantly, here are a few pictures of the "little yellow house" God has blessed us with for the time being.

When I, Maria, was in Kansas back in October, looking for where we might live, this house was brought to my attention as a possibility. A woman in the church had passed away and left this house in her estate, to the church, but the person who told us about the house said, "I've been in there and you'd never want to live there". I guess it was pretty run down, but alls I heard was it was 1.8 miles from church!

We were trying to find something rent/lease to own, or just rent until our house in Michigan sold. The Realtor I was with that day, drove Josiah and I over to this house and walked through with us. It has just been remodeled on the inside, since the previous renters moved out & is located 1.8 miles from church. It is in a quiet neighborhood, on the sidewalk side of the street and the neighbors we have met are great. We are very thankful for God's timing in the completion of this house and the open ended time frame we have to stay here. Did I mention it's cheaper than any 1 bedroom apartment in our area? God is certainly amazing and we thank and praise him for giving us such a wonderful gift and opportunity to be close to church, parks, shopping, etc... And always room for visitors - this time it was cousins!

The house has everything we need and enough space to have fun! Super Caleb and Motorin' Josiah have found their favorite places to play and haven't seemed to miss a beat.

See You in Kansas soon, we hope!


Kristine said...

So great to hear from you! We have been checking on your blog to see where you are at! Cute house too! God is so good.

Gramma Pam said...

PTL for the charming yellow house..the boys seem to like it there just toys? got happy!

kellyolson said...

Looks good....Josiah walking??? Already?

DeGaetano Dillies said...

Yay! Welcome home Ciccones! I have been waiting to see the updates. I am glad you guys made it and I look forward to seeing what kind of adventures you and toto can have there in Kansas!
Love ya Ria,

Rachel said...

Cute house! Glad to see you're all safe and settled. What a fun family adventure!