Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

What a great Halloween Night! The weather was perfect fall conditions and the boys were ready to go.

Caleb has been asking if it's time to go trick or treating for the past 3 days. He usually wakes up about 6 am to go potty and the first words out of his mouth, while half asleep, is 'time to go trick or treating, mom'. Quite funny, even at 6 am.

The little Itsy Bitsy Spider Man and the cute little Bumble Bee headed off to the neighborhood in their little red wagon. Big tall daddy pulled their chariot, as mom followed along and documented the event.

The neighbors were excited to see our little spidey and bee. Caleb did a great job getting lots of treats and no tricks!

Daddy taught Caleb how to 'sort' his candy! Oh how I remember the days of waiting for it to get dark enough to head out for the loot, then sorting it when we got home! We had a great time together as a family.


DeGaetano Dillies said...

You guys look great!! Hope your not too Buzzy getting ready to move! Ha-ha! The boys and you look fantastic

Rachel said...

What a great job- so cute! :)

Fields Favorites said...

So cute! BTW... do you like your wagon? I want one... Bill says we don't need one. As a current owner, what is your opinion? : ) Love the Spidey and Bee!!!