Friday, October 5, 2007

Kansas...Are you ready for the Ciccones?

Our Journey is taking us to Kansas. Yes, you heard me right, Kansas!! Some of you might say "Been there, done that", because I've lived in Kansas before...Manhattan, Kansas to be excact.

Well, this time around, we will be in Prairie Village, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City, KS). Tim will be the High School Pastor at Hillcrest Covenant Church.

This is a pretty emotional time for us, as we certainly love the life God has blessed us with in Michigan, but are excited to follow His leading as we head to Kansas.

Our moving time-frame is Thanksgiving weekend, with our last Sunday at Forest Park Covenant Church being November 18.

We desperately covet your prayers as we make this move.


Rachel said...

Wow! That's a BIG deal!!! How exciting, and I am sure a lot of other things too!!!! And that's coming up soon... I'll be praying for your family and all the transitions and that all the details will fall into place. I am sure your current church will miss you GREATLY!!
Congrats though, what an adventure that will be!

Fields Favorites said...

Wow. I thought you'd be in the great north for good. I will definitely pray for you... we know well the excitement, joys and the sad goodbyes of leaving a well-loved home and moving to a new one. Hang in there - God will provide! He always does. And, yes, congrats to Tim on a new job!

DeGaetano Dillies said...

As Adina would say "Pony Cow..." (instead of holy cow) How exciting and scary too. Know that you are in my prayers. So, do you have to come through princeton to get there? Guess, my plan to visit in MI is going to have to be a planned visit in KS now, hey!

DeGaetano Dillies said...

I am laughing, I just noticed the time that I posted this at and then looked at Rachel's and Kathy's too. Guess I am not the only one who gets things done in the wee hours.

Kris said...

How exciting, this adventure you are on...following God's plan for your life! Who would have thought-Kansas City? But God knew, and he has been strategically preparing your for this move for a while, whether known or unknown by you! We are proud of you and excited for you!