Saturday, July 21, 2007

Trip to MN

Happy Birthday Timmy! We celebrated Tim's birthday in MN with my (Maria's that is) family, on Spectacle Lake. Tim requested a french silk pie, so my sister, obliged and ran to the nearest town (cambridge, 10 miles) and got that for his birthday present.

Caleb wanted to ski like MOMMY!! At a boy - couldn't be more proud! Josiah was happy just to be in the tube! Gotta love my boys. God has blessed me with just what He knew I needed.


Rachel said...

Love it Maria!! Sooooo Cute. ;)

Fields Favorites said...

Sweet! You have entered the blogging world. Cute pics. Love that Caleb wants to ski like Mommy! ... heck, I want to ski like Mommy too... 30 more lbs and I'll be tearing it UP!

Steve K. said...

Hey! This is like a Meadow Creek reunion, right here in the comments! Hi from North Carolina, ya'll.