Saturday, September 15, 2007

And, We're Home

We Love our Daddy!!

Caleb and Josiah were amazing travelers, as usual, but were so excited to see their daddy when we got home. Caleb was about jumping out of his skin & Josiah was all smiles to see his dad. Josiah always lights up when Tim comes into the room.

Hard to tell who is more excited, isn't it? We were all happy to be home and together again.

Here are just a few shots of our great travelers...Yes, I took these, while driving. Amazing what a view screen and a rear view mirror are good for!

Josiah being a happy traveler.

Caleb...pretending to be a baby!

Plenty of snacks, makes for a great trip.


Fields Favorites said...

Great pics. I, too, have been known to take a few while going 60 mph. Love your new family pic at the top - Christmas card??? It's so fun and colorful!

Ang said...

I'm glad that you made it home so that I could come visit the next day! I didn't give you much of a break huh. I found the easter pics in your album, thanks. And I was reminded of the old kitchen wall paper...yep I like it better now:)