Monday, April 7, 2008

This is our new home in Kansas - Almost!

We have been busy finding a house in KS, 'closing' on a house in MI and moving into our home in KS. Funny thing is...we still haven't 'closed' on the MI house, and we don't own our home in KS yet, but we are living in the 'new' house in KS anyway. The ultimate Squatters, I guess.

Please pray that the MI house gets closed - ASAP. It was suppose to happen last Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Beauty said...

I do love to squat a house as big and beautiful as that too hehehe. I dreamed of having a house of my own too. But am not sure where. Hope you see my blog too thanks!

Rachel said...

What a BEAUTIFUL house!!! That great room is HUGE! I bet you're having lots of fun with it and and yes I will be praying your other house closes. Congrats!!

DeGaetano Dillies said...

Congrats Ciccones! It is beautiful. What an answer to prayer that it all fell into place for you guys. God is AWESOME!!

Love you Ria,