Friday, December 11, 2009

You can take the boy out of Michigan....

But you can't take the Michigan out of the boy!These are the words that kept going through my mind, as Caleb & Josiah were outside the minute they got home & shortly after our first snowfall began.  Caleb kept saying, mom, I've Got to play in the snow & today, he asked if this was the last day the snow would be here.  Truth is, you never know when it will come or go & he has learned quickly that you MUST enjoy it while you can.  So, every available minute...he's out there, with his brother close behind.

All bundled up & ready to go!!!

The cutest toddler on the block - warm in his 1980's winter gear, thanks to our Michigan friends!!

And today...I was a little worried - didn't want to  take anyone to the dr. for a broken something.  But...It went off without a hitch & looked really fun.  There were all giggles and smiles, so must be good.

Then inside for a warm up with delicious homemade hot chocolate - Seriously, best stuff I've ever tasted!  Yummo...

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