Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living Simply so others can Simply Live

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!  These pictures are snaps from Halloween, and unrelated to the post below, but they say kids & puppies get people's attention & honestly, who doesn't love to see a picture?  

This is a great post, given to me, second hand, from a friend of mine in MN, Corrie Luebke.

It speaks to what I often times am struck with and believe to be true.  Not everyone will agree, but that's ok.  It's still a good challenge.

Living Simply so others can Simply Live


Sarah B said...

Maria...this is exactly what God has been stirring in Brooke's and my hearts for the past several months also. And I mean STIRRING. I even put that phrase on my facebook profile last week when I saw it on an adoption t-shirt. Thanks for sharing that awesome post. Now to figure out how to handle Christmas in light of this stirring...Sarah Beyer

rebvan said...

that is challenging stuff!
...and your boys are getting so big, and handsome as always!