Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, Caleb!!

I remember the days when I thought people with 7 year old kids were....I don't know, just had old kids.  They were my age, so it wasn't old that I was thinking, I just couldn't imagine having a 7 year old.  Well, now I have a 7 year old & he is amazing & boy do I love having him.  Caleb is an amazing big brother, a compassionate friend & a sweet son.

Caleb had a great 7th Birthday and when Tim was asking him about his day, before bed, Tim asked, Caleb - did you have a good birthday?  Caleb responded with an astounding OF COURSE!  He then when through the list of fun things we had done and the great decorations the 'birthday fairy' had done in the night.  It was very sweet to listen to him recount the days events as he gave us big hugs and told us thank you.  Those are the moments we, as parents, wish we could bottle up to listen to throughout the years.

We are excited about what this next year has in store for Caleb.

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