Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Family as of September 20, 2012:

Josiah, affectionately named 'Wild Man'

Ke'Mari, Junior Wild Mam

Left to Right...Ke'Ron & Ke'Mari

Left to Right, Ke'Ron & Ke'Mari...The 1st Night I met them at the hospital

Ke'Mari & I on the front step, post-nap

I call this 'The Little People Gang'

Pretty Girl, Samantha, after church

Samantha with Daddy - she's our Wild Girl!
Caleb cuddles Ke'Ron, while my friend, Theresa, cuddles Ke'Mari in the background.

Ke'Ron & Ke'Mari are 9 month old twin boys that joined our family via the foster system on Thursday, September 20, 2012.  They are sweet boys who need some love and attention.  Our job is to get them fat & healthy, while loving them to pieces!  It's my dream come true to have twins & I am loving the exhausting job.  The rest of the family is jumping into the fun of having 2 more babies so far the transition seems to be seamless!
Daily, I ask God to give me the endurance I need to mother these 5 well.  I'm thankful for the opportunity, no doubt!


Alisa said...

Steve mentioned to me just today that you had two new boys, they are precious. Enjoy every minute. :-) even the exhausted ones.

Loisjean said...

Dear Ciccone Family,
I have to tell you I cried looking at the pictures, especially seeing the one of Caleb cuddling one of the twins. I am SO proud of you and know that you are the ones receiving the greatest benefits in all of this. May the Lord bless you with the strength to take care of your wonderful family, and may they always remember the lessons you are teaching them by just being who you are!!

Love you bunches,
Earl & Lois Jean

Rachel said...

This is so beautiful and inspiring Maria.. Adorable babies and kids. I pray God gives you all you need each day as well. I know He will!!!