Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fall 2013

 These are pictures of a few things we HAVE been up to this Fall...You'll noticed that things NOT pictured are...Cleaning, Parents sleeping, Yard Maintenance, Journaling, Scrap-booking, Going on dates.  That's because that list does NOT happen these days.  It's a rarity to find a clean room in our house, a perfectly behaved child, or a waking moment when SOMEONE is not crying.

Samantha is just getting  more beautiful every day
Laurey helping Josiah carve his pumpkin

Samantha & Daddy getting some sunshine during a tough MN Vikings game
 Caleb received a great book from his Dad, titled, The Dangerous Book for Boys.  In it, Caleb became facinated with the chapter on 'Building your own go-kart'.  So, Mom took Caleb to the hardware store to buy the plank, which he was excited to paint, but we could not get any further without the help of Grampa Rod.  So, during their October visit, Caleb & Grampa built the go-kart & enjoyed the adventures of building it & taking it for its maiden voyage.
Grampa Rod & Caleb building his Go-Kart
The finished product - looks just like the pictures in the book
Grampa Rod & Gramma Pam with the 3 Ciccone Kids

Gramma Pam reads stories
Walk to School Wednesday - a big Hit

Samantha attempted potty training
We attempted to get one of the 'babies' out of diapers, hoping to reduce the # of diapers and time spent changing down by 1/3.  After about a month of trying to figure it out (just of the top of my head & crazy ideas), we have gone back to diapers and changing....oh well, maybe next year?
Samantha's smile & cuteness got her a doughnut at Caleb's football game (from another team's mom)

Ke'Ron fell asleep, sitting up, during Caleb's playoffs...3 games.
 The common question these days about these 2 cuties is 'You still have them?'... to which I smile and answer least until 2014 - who knows how long in 2014, but (now I'm laughing), we are thinking they'll go to live with their birth-mom in 2014 - we don't hold our breath though & we'll keep them as long as necessary for her to be stable & be able to take care of them properly.
Ke'Mari stayed happy, but no sleeping for this little crazy.

Coach Grantham, hugging Caleb after their Championship game win.
 Flag Football is always a great season & we thoroughly enjoyed watching Josiah debut on his 1st grade league (he dominated, of course) & Caleb's team brought home the big trophy, winning their 3rd grade division - Go Jets (Josiahs) & Go Wildcats (Caleb)

Josiah Hustlin' & givin' some poor dude the fake.
Mom & Caleb cheering on Josiah

Caleb & Daddy enjoying the team trophy

Samantha wearing her unicorn costume to church for trunk r treat

Josiah was bashful about me taking his picture during the Halloween parade.

Caleb managed a little pose with Joshua during the Halloween parade at school.

Money in their Halloween cards from grandparents.

The little unicorn enjoying a cookie by the bonfire on Halloween night...before trick r treating.

The 3 big kid's Jack o Lanterns...carved with the help of L.K.
Our annual tradition during Halloween is to sit out at the end of the driveway with our bonfire, hot dogs and hot cider, handing out candy, visiting with the neighbors & sharing cider & dogs with all.  Samantha enjoyed going to her first house this year...4 in all & the big boys enjoyed being 'independent', going to houses with their friends (armed with a walkie talkie, with Dad on the other end)
sleeping beauty

The twins cuddling - they are suppose to be in their own beds - Disobedient!!

AND we found time to remodel our basement, adding a bathroom & bedroom
I am grateful for the challenges God has placed in my life, although they are tough & sometimes feel like I've not got enough to  make it through, I reach out & He is there, through the support of friends & love of my family, we can do this together.

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Ivanna Leffring said...

You do such a great job of not making life with little's look perfect or simple, but what good memories and eternal treasures you are building up!!
Miss your crazy little family!