Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Answered prayer

We had our final ultrasound yesterday afternoon to check the location of my placenta.  Back on week 20 of this pregnancy, we had been told that the placenta was too close to the 'baby chute' for baby to be born naturally and on the baby's schedule.  So, we've been watching it ever since via ultrasound to see if it had grown out of the way.

I was not thrilled with the thought of having to take this baby out via c section or before the baby was ready, but I also understood that if it meant a safe and healthy birth day for baby and I, then that was ok.

Leading up to yesterday's ultrasound, my prayer was for clarity and absolute decisiveness as the doctor looked at the ultrasound to determine if we could just 'wait' on baby or if we would need to schedule the birth day.  I wanted to see an astonished look of certainty as the doctor saw what he saw, either a placenta impeding birth or a placenta amazingly far away from that 'baby chute'.

The look on the doctors face when he saw the screen was awesome.  He says, "your placenta is so far away from the 'baby chute' (of course he used the medical terms) I can't even tell how far".  I looked at Tim, tears in my eyes and knew instantly that God had answered my prayer.  He knew what I needed to hear and see & He gave me a doctor who was real enough to show astonishment and that 'scratch your head' belief.

I asked questions about what we were looking at, where is baby, how big is baby, is baby in the birthing position, is that the head?  It was so fun!

So, we have a 6 lb 9 oz baby already & baby is in the correct position to be born, but not close to making it's way down that 'baby chute'.  Praise The Lord the 'chute' is clear.

Now it's the wait and see when baby decides to make the grand entry into the loving arms of all of us.  In the waiting time, I'll enjoy the kicks and elbows and pressure on my bladder.

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers and giving me the certainty and clarity through the doctors decisiveness and astonishment!  Now, please bring baby out soon!!!  👶. We're more ready than we've been for any other child you've given us.
Baby having morning coffee!


Lauren Timberlake said...

Hooray! Celebrating good news today. :)

Potter's Wheel Kansas City said...

So thrilled for you Maria and rejoicing with you and Tim! Hugs from the Heartland!!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Praise the Lord. He continues to amaze me! My first grandbaby will be One this month. I was due With his daddy (Bruce) around Thanksgiving, Bruce bypassed all the Family Nov birthdays and arrived on Dec 1. Elliot was due early Dec but arrived the Monday after Thanksgiving. A very thankful time of year to have a special baby! Hugs and prayers. Bruce and Elise are wonderful parents. I am thankful for our connection to FPCC for helping Bruce become such a good man. 😊