Monday, August 11, 2008

Caleb's Photo Shoot - Quite the Model

I was busy with Josiah, playing in the waiting room, so Caleb and the photographer at Sears, did a fabulous job capturing his handsome, cuteness!

I am always very proud of our oldest, but this day was a very proud day for me as a mom! What a big boy we have.


Crystal said...

He is getting so big and he is such a handsome little man : ) Thanks for sharing!!! Hope all is well for you and you are enjoying your new home!!

Mrs. Fields said...

Between his incredible hair and huge personality... he is too cute, Maria! I love the one on his back, and his close up too. Great pics - it sure is a proud moment to stand back and realize how far they've come already. These wonderful little people God entrusted us with!!! : )

misty diller said...

yeah - new pics!! everyone looks great! we miss you guys a bunch. give the boys a big hug from the dillers. love you - misty