Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Day in the Life

Caleb loves to help around the house, this day, he is helping Laurey clean, and doing a great job too!  The funny part about this picture is that the night before, our friend Alicia had babysat the boys and somehow, Caleb ended up with a pair of Josiah's shorts on.  When I asked Caleb about them the next day, I of course thought that he had just accidentally grabbed Josiah's shorts when he got himself dressed, but he corrected me and said, No, mom, Alicia put these on me!  Very funny to hear him articulate this so clearly.

Josiah, just chillin' with his little legs propped up on the railing, reading all about Bunnies!  He was just so casual about it, it was even more hilarious.

Josiah is modeling the Dragon Boots and Diaper ensemble, which is ever so popular in Kansas among the 18 month olds.

Need I say more?  Dad and Josiah watchin' a little Monday night football together.  At this age, Tim still lets Josiah touch the remote!

Caleb, looking large and in charge...probably talking to his 'people' about his next engagement or something.  Actually, he was talking to Gramma Pam at this point, and telling her about the zoo map in his hand.  We had gone to the zoo the day before and he was explaining to her where we had gone on the map.  Caleb is really into maps these days.


alicia said...

Cute Pictures!!!

And about those shorts, in my defense ... I'm not sure I have a defense on this one. I think I was just distracted. I wondered why they were kinda short. :) Good to know Caleb is old enough to rat me out now. I better become a better babysitter. :) love you guys!

Rachel said...

Love all these moments... so cute!