Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Muskegon Vacation 2009

Where to begin?
So, we stayed with the always wonderful, ever exciting, Hale Family!! We were within walking distance to the beach, so every morning...we walked to the beach, well at least the boys, the puppies & I.
We had a fabulous visit with the Gordon's @ their cottage.
Big Tall Laurie came out for some play time.
Caleb & Claudia dug an impressive hole! Josiah practiced his 'Karate Kid' moves on the beach.


Russell said...

it was fun to see you! I missed the motorcycle part of your adventure!

Kathy said...

CUTE pics! OK, the top title picture should totally be your Christmas card this year. :) Love ya, Maria! BTW, Bill would love those wheels... he's currently rebuilding his own after a good crash a month back. He's rebuilding his ankle too. ;)