Friday, October 2, 2009

Signs that Grampa & Gramma were here...

  1. Happy Children - because Grampa played lots of games & read lots of stories.  because gramma made goodies and found treasures at a garage sale.  because they got to go to the cider mill for a hayride, apples, pumpkins, corn maze & Pancake Breakfast!!!
  2. Treats hiding around the house - mom always leaves behind goodies.  treats in the fridge, pantry, dining room table decor, well stocked shower!  oh yes, and a well stocked laundry room!
  3. Tired children - can't believe how much the boys sleep after gramma and grampa leave!  3 hour naps?  Yippee....
  4. New Books - nobody reads it like Grampa does - we've all been told that by Josiah & Caleb.  Gramma says 18 is the # of times they read the new book.  It's a hit!
  5. Sad Children - asking where gramma and grampa went & when are we going there to visit - they want to drive down the 'bumpy road' to gramma's house!
Thanks for coming to babysit for the weekend, Mom & Dad - we all had a great time.  

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