Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Josiah is 3

Happy Birthday, Josiah....on February 26, Josiah turned 3 years old!!!
We started with the Birthday fairy visiting the night before Josiah's birthday, while he slept.  She decorated his door & around the house.
Birthday ice cream with Gramma, Papa, Uncle Steve, Uncle Tom, Auntie Beth & Cousin Clark. 

Caleb was so excited to help make Josiah's birthday cake.  Josiah helped too & enjoyed the beaters after too.

The finished product, complete with a 'Josiah' action figure!!

cuddling with Laurey while lunch gets ready.
Kirsten, Will, Jay, Ty & Mckenzie came over for present time, cake & ice cream.  Josiah loved having some friends over to 'help' open gifts!The birthday prince

daddy was the gift opener helper...be sure to read the cards!
Laurey helping Josiah open his gift from her.  She painted a plate & bowl with his name.cool robot & bumblebee pj's from gramma & papa
cool dude sunglasses from Gramma (the sunglasses queen)

The grand finale gift from Mom & Dad...Spiderman skateboard with helmet & pads to match.  Now he's really ready to brake a leg!!

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