Thursday, January 28, 2010

So much fun while Dad's out of town

So, Tim's been at the annual Covenant Connection/MidWinter conference for Covenant Pastors, but that hasn't stopped the boys & I from having a little fun!!The boys played in the muddy yard...check out the boots, Auntie Lori!!
Long baths alone so everyone got their own play time!!
Date night - we were headed to a concert, but when we got to the venue, we were literally a 'day late & a buck short', so we headed to Crown Center for some Sheridan's Custard!! Yummo...
New Underpants for Mr. Josiah, who decided he was done with Diapers...Fine by me!!Test driving lawn tractors @ Sears, what a great way to pass the time!

A little hat fashion show in the women's department of Sears, Why not?  I did not take any pictures of the bracelets they found, or the dance moves we broke out in the aisle, but you can use your imagination for those!
Yes, I was there chaperoning these 2 yahoos as they ran through the almost abandoned Metcalf South shopping mall.  What a great place to let loose.  Now, if we could only get them to allow bikes in that would be fun!
I noticed a crooked tooth in Caleb's mouth on Monday...this picture doesn't really show you, but it is the bottom middle one on his right (our left as you look at this picture).  We laughed pretty hard when I 'freeeeaked' out about it & made Caleb promise that it would NOT come out until Tim got home.  He still thinks it's funny to tell me it's gone & watch the look on my face.  This also began the tooth fairy questions.  No, Caleb, the tooth fairy is not real.  He then asked me to make sure that dad & I give him money for his teeth then!  Smart little afternoon @ the Peterson's while mom went to the office for a few hours.  the Peterson's have 5 kids, the youngest of which is Caleb's age & they are buds.  The older siblings love Caleb & Josiah & they all have a blast when they get together.

And finally...Caleb making some delicious chocolate chip cookies as a treat for Dad when he comes home tonight.  The boys are excited to have daddy back & that they get to stay up until he gets home!!!  Hopefully that is on time.
Another successful week of Dad being gone, but we are so happy he could go and spend the week with some much needed encouragement, conversation & learning.  We love you Daddy!!!

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