Thursday, January 14, 2010

Funny Sayings of Josiah & Caleb

This will be an ongoing post...
January 13, 2010...Caleb says to his brother, Josiah...'You can't be in the newspaper'.  Josiah responds...'Why not?'...Caleb responds...'The government says you can't be in the newspaper'.
Where does this come from you might ask?  Well, I had just got finished telling/explaining to Caleb that he & I were going to have an appointment with a woman about him being in magazines (modeling).  So, in true big brother fashion, he was taunting his little brother saying that Josiah couldn't be in newspapers (magazines).  Great minds - I love to see them at work.

January 13, 2010...Superheros at work.  We had Joshua & David, the superheros of the house, seeking out all people with bad intentions.  All of the sudden, unsuspecting mommy is ambushed with shouts  of...'Get her, Joshua...we are superheros and need to protect our planet from these evil girls'.  Quite offended, as the sweet little mommy, putting away the clothes of these 2 superheros, I turned on them!  The chase was on & Mommy did prevail.  Their capes were no match to my supermommy strength.

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