Friday, January 15, 2010

All in a days work...

With manual in hand...Maria took to the minivan and changing out the alternator.

The project began on Monday & was complete with a running van on Thursday!  Sounds like brakes on the truck are the next try for this new, aspiring mechanic!!

On another fabulous note...My husband is amazing & continues to bless my socks off.  So, I came home from work on Wednesday & he was outside cleaning the snow and water away from the driveway as it was melting quickly.  He greeted me sweetly & told me there was a surprise upstairs for me.  I thought it would be my sweet little boys ready for kisses, but no, they were sleeping soundly for their rest time.  He directed me to the kitchen, so I thought, oh the dishes must be done..No, wrong again...He had Baked a Cake - his newest baking endeavor, Peppercocker cake with a carmel drizzle sauce.  It was delish & a sweet surprise.

The moral of this story....Maria is now the auto mechanic, working in the garage & Tim is the household chef!  This is not necessarily a role reversal, as Tim has never been in the garage working on the cars & Maria has never been in the kitchen baking, but none the less, we are both enjoying the new challenges we are finding in our lives.

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Corrie said...

I LOVE it! :)You rock Maria... and you should have Tim talk to Jason about the therapies of baking. I would appreciate that. :) Oh- and thanks for continuing to pray with us about adoption stuff. It's been a long road, and we are so thankful for people who continue to "press in" for us! We are excited for your new adoption journey as well!! Keep us updated!