Saturday, May 1, 2010

Adoption Profile!!!

So, here is our Adoption Profile...missing a couple pictures on page 4 (they're coming this week).  This is what birthparents will look at (along with a detailed 'report' about us, written by our adoption supervisor) & determine if we are the family they are looking for to raise the child or children they are carrying.  Pray that this profile is viewed soon, by the right birthparents.

Thanks for your support & prayers!!


alicia said...

Maria!! This is SO cool. Thanks for sharing these pages, I'm praying for you guys and the child that is going to come into your lives. Miss you and love you!

the stewarts said...

This is terrific - God bless you all <3

Marcinha said...

Hi! I'm from Brazil and was just passing by when I saw your blog.

I just wanted to say that I'm really happy to see that God created such wonderful people who cares about sharing His love with other people.

I really hope and pray for you and this child (or children) you're waiting for.

I'm sure God has separeted a really special little angel for you!

God bless you!

Kathy said...

Maria, obviously my blog is lacking in everything these days. I am finally peeking into my friends' lives again! I loved reading your adoption profile - thank you for sharing that. It is just beautiful and I will keep praying for that child/children to make it into your family at the perfect time. God's timing! Love you.