Monday, May 3, 2010

Car Accident

So, we had a absolutely wonderful morning!  The boys & I went to church for our MOPS steering committee brunch, which means we get to drop the kids off @ church & head to a restaurant, just the moms, for a great brunch together.  It was fabulous, energizing & refreshing for us all.

On the way home from church, we had a meal to deliver to one of our MOPS team members that couldn't come because of a sick child....So, we are driving down the road & all of the sudden cars were driving across my lanes of traffic!

Not sure why I didn't notice the seemingly, red? light...could it have been the conversation I was having with Caleb?  Maybe the guy who annoyingly went around me because I wasn't speeding enough?  Was it too sunny?  My mind was not where it needed to be, so - I smashed into a 2003 Honda Pilot...

Both vehicles are pretty damaged & LinDan auto was my 3rd phone call, once I realized I needed a tow & wanted my car to go there for repairs...pretty sure I can't tackle this one on my own.

I don't quite recall my initial reaction, except after I hit the lady & 'got her out of my way'?, I proceeded through the intersection & to the side of the road to get us out of the way.  I threw on the flashers & ran back to make sure she was alright.  She wouldn't roll down her window, but said she was o.k., so I ran back to my van & the boys...Not sure what happened next, but I think I got back in the van, called 911 & got the police on their way.  Then, I ran back to the woman & told her I called the police & they told us to get out of the intersection, so she moved her vehicle to the parking lot.  I was so confused...what do I do next?  My boys are o.k., they were just sitting in the van...not even crying.  I called the insurance co., that's what you're suppose to do, right?  At this point, I begin moving the debris out of the road - a few people honked at me!  Seriously?  My lands, people.
I then looked at the boys in the van & the traffic that kept having to go around our van & decided, they were probably safer out of the vehicle - Duh!  So, I got them out & we headed over to the sidewalk until the police officer came & told me what to do next.  His name was Dan & he was very kind, patient & watched the boys, while I went to get my paperwork out of the van.  Turns out he's a north-easterner.  Tim shmoozed with him a bit & he was so sweet with our boys who were star struck a bit.

Tim happened to be in the middle of an emergency @ church, so I called & left him a voicemail, which I guess was odd, because I was crying & apologizing & told him I hit a lady...He was thinking pedestrian. He called me back as soon as he could & was there by the time the tow truck arrived.  In the meantime, I called my friend with the Biggest car I know...Kirsten to see if she could come get us?  I wasn't sure if that's even what we needed, but none the less, she was willing & able, with the help of a neighbor to watch her own kids.
So, as the boys & I sat there, waiting for the police I held them tight & cried, just thinking about how thankful I was that my mistake had injured no one.  God protects us & made us get safely through this lapse of responsibility on my part.  Once they tired of my squeezing, they found a couple sticks to combat with & they were having a ball.  

So, as Tim & I have been processing this together & he's been listening to me work through the emtion of the accident, we really feel at peace with whatever happens.  Certainly, we are not concerned about the car.  It was the nicer of the 2 we had, so we kept full coverage on it - Thank the Lord for that good decision.
Many things to be thankful for today!
  • obedient children
  • a husband who has a great perspective
  • fabulous friends who are already holding me up in prayer & in tangible ways
  • a loving, Heavenly Father who knows our future & has the best plan for our life & seemingly likes a challenge!!
Stay tuned for all the God has in store!!! - We Are


the stewarts said...

Whaaa??? So glad everyone is (all in all) OK. Blessings, friend.

alicia said...

SOOOO glad you're all okay. Much love from Colorado.