Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Adoption Day, Samantha Maria Ciccone

It's amazing to believe that our 3rd adoption process is finalized and complete.  God has been so good as He has walked with us through the decisions, situations and opportunities that have come our way during this waiting time for our sweet girl.

She is officially a Ciccone & in the wise words of a dear friend, she has been Cicconeized during her Cicconeization ceremony, July 8, 2011!

The day began with an early morning travel to Topeka for her 9 AM hearing with Judge Yoman.  Our attorney, Samantha, and our social worker, Sharon, met us at the courthouse.  Our friends, Nate & Kirsten, with their 3 boys, followed us to Topeka and were our supporters at the hearing too.  It was great to have friends there, experiencing the final steps to Samantha's adoption journey.

Tim was called to the stand to give testimony to our intent, understanding and desire to adopt sweet Samantha Maria & I was brought to tears of joy, as he acknowledged our love and joy to have Samantha in our family.

I had to laugh when our attorney was asking Tim the questions on the stand & one of them was something to the effect that, 'do you understand that Samantha will have all the rights and privileges as your other adopted and biological children and will be entitled to receive your inheritance?'  I think Tim looked over at me & smiled, cuz, we always joke that our inheritance is our children!  :)

The hearing concluded, we took the pics with the judge, visited in the hallway with our attorney & social worker, and said our goodbyes for now.

We then headed to a long time Topeka greasy spoon, Hanover Pancake House.

We filled up a long table with all 10 of us & enjoyed a great brunch before heading home.

It was a great day and we are thrilled to have the process final and Samantha as our daughter - she is a joy already!

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Alexandra Rose said...

What an amazing day, you look so calm (and glamorous) but I'm sure it must have been overwhelming. Congratulations, you have a beautiful family.