Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smiling Samantha

words aren't really necessary for this blog post, but being a girl of many words, when it comes to my sweet kiddos, I'll say a few things!

 Samantha is a sweet baby girl - still not fussy & still adorable & delightful

Bless you!!
She continues tolerate her big brothers, with all of their noise, hugs, kisses and attention.
 We are all enjoying her giggles & smiles
 Caleb likes to count how many smiles he can get each day.
 She's a beauty
 weighing in at 13 plus lbs, she's eating awesome & sleeping even better.  Samantha has started to schedule her naps from about 830-1130 and then 2-5, going to bed for the night about 8 and sleeping most nights until at least 5, then back to bed after eating until about 730.  She's EASY!!

Oh my goodness, she can make me smile, giggle and just be at peace while feeding her, holding her, or just sitting still looking at her.  She's angelic!