Monday, February 18, 2013

What a weekend!

I survived a weekend with 6 children (Caleb - 8, Josiah - 5, Noah - 4, Samantha - 21 months, Ke'Ron & Ke'Mari - 15 months) and no husband. You might say, well, you've done that before with 7 kids, & you're right, but those were 7 kids that were raised in loving, supportive homes that did their best to teach them right and wrong. 3 of my kids this weekend have had less than desirable beginnings in life.  So, they come with many behaviors that make me so very grateful for my 3 children that do their best to do the right things. Our weekend went quite well, we had no major incidents, everyone had a good time and I am alive to tell about it. This morning was bitter sweet as I got to drop the 3 of the kids off at their daycare, although one of the daycares was pretty sketch. :(. It's a no school day so, I am loving the time to be with my other 3, alone, doing things we use to get to do often. Simple things like, going to the club with all 3 of my kiddos, shopping at Costco...having a friend over to help out his parents on this no school day! It'll be great. Daddy comes home tonight too, which will be the icing on the cake. Hurray for long weekends.

Caleb, 8, playing blocks with Noah, 4

Noah really liked doing the shapes.

Samantha, Noah and Josiah were able to play outside a bit.

Josiah wanted his bobcat tattoo on his neck!

The Little People gang, watching out for Dad to come home from work.

My Big Boys, waiting for the bus

Samantha and Ke'Mari reading books together

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