Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Josiah turns 6 years old

What a boy! Excited, lover of friends, spunky, smart, athletic, lovable, huggable, cuddly, just to name a few of his greatest traits.

Josiah got to have a snow day for his birthday. So, playing in the snow was part of his day, plus plenty of time playing Madden Football and watching his favorite shows. He was in heaven!

The birthday fairy worked her magic while the birthday boy slept & the big surprise was breakfast in his room & the privilege to watch shows on mom's IPad!

Josiah really wanted to play party games on his birthday. So, we played bat the balloon & had a snowman making contest together. Sweet boy invited Laurey & Zeke over for dinner & cake. We all watched a movie of Josiah's choice, Ice Age! So cute to listen to him giggle at the movieI

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